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Hello, I’m Alex, and I’m a writer. I find writing challenging, frustrating and incredibly difficult at times, yet also exhilarating, inspiring and occasionally surprising, like I didn’t even know I thought something until after I’d written it down. As Thomas Mann said, a writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than for anyone else.

The aim of this blog – if it needs to have one – is to provide a home for random thoughts, scenes and segments of stories with no other place to go, the occasional rant, a fledgling idea or (perhaps inevitably) shopping lists, or the diary I was never a good enough girl to keep in my formative years.

My interests lie mainly these days in screenwriting; I have two complete feature scripts, about 20 ideas ‘in development’, and also write shorts, and the occasional play, two of which I’ve been lucky enough to have performed. But whilst my ‘proper’ writing is afforded the luxury of carefully chosen words, fiercely deliberated turns of phrase and finely honed jokes, this blog is not allowed any such niceties, and will thus contain bad grammar, creative expletives and will only touch the peripheries of high literature, philosophical insight, creative genius, or indeed reality. If you’ve got this far I hope you’ll continue to join me on a sporadic, drunken, and hungover basis, and see the limits (both high and low) a blog can go.

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