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Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Creepers is a supernatural thriller, set partly in the college town of Berkeley, California, and partly in the redwood forests bordering California and Orgeon state, where an English scientist uncovers some uneasy truths about the nature of unborn souls in the course of her research into vanishing twin syndrome, a rare biological process that occurs during the first stages of pregnancy. Michelle Morrison, once a twin herself until her sister died in suspicious circumstances, must figure out what is causing recent troubling events in her small community, not least to her own husband and newborn child, who are both affected by the phenomenon. Meanwhile, the spirits of all the vanished twins become more tangible by the day…

I began this script in the autumn of 2011 and then put it in a drawer and forgot about it, as I wanted to concentrate on Our father. I have recently returned to it and found myself amazed at how much I’d written – and how much of it I’d forgotten! There are whole sub-plots that I started and can’t remember where they were going, although I had extensive notes to back it up, and could see patterns and themes emerging. It’s now complete, and I feel like I’ve finally finished piecing together a very tricky jigsaw puzzle, when I couldn’t see the final picture, and someone else (in this case, three-year-ago me) held some of the pieces and was refusing to give them up.

The main change the script has undergone is changing the sex of the main character. Michelle used to be Michael, and was assisting a young student, Sophie, also a bereaved twin – and it seemed inevitable that the plotline around the two would get romantic at some point. I didn’t want this to happen – it seemed peripheral to the plot – and I also realised I’d fallen into the ‘educated man must help damsel in distress’ trope, which annoyed me! Making Michelle female (and changing Michael’s father into Michelle’s mother) left just one male character in the film, which has given it an entirely new dynamic, and a new edge. It still needs some work, but I’m pleased with what I’ve done with it.

Read the script here.

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